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Local Support Groups

The Village hosts the following support groups. Participation is free and all are welcome to attend.

Senior and Adult Child

Bereavement Support Group

A Bereavement Support Group will be offered at the community every Monday at 1 PM in the Flex Room at Center Pointe facilitated by Haven Hospice. This is an-11 week course on understanding and walking through the grieving process with the support of those who have experienced and are experiencing loss.
Senior and Adult Child

Caregiver Support Group

A Caregiver Support Group w/Senior Health Care meets monthly at the community in the Flex Room at Center Pointe (on campus.) Support and resources are for those supporting loved ones as the primary caregiver.
Senior and Adult Child

Dementia Support Group

A Dementia Support Group with Concierge Home Care is for those caring for loved ones with dementia and occurs monthly.
Senior and Adult Child

Movement Disorders Support Group

Whether you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, are caring for a
loved one with the disease or want better understanding as a family
member, let The Village at Gainesville help support you. Join us to receive support and education from those who are going through a similar experience while learning about helpful coping techniques that can make your journey easier.

3rd Friday of Each Month at 3 p.m.
The Village at Gainesville Tower Club Learning Center