Top Amenities to Consider When Choosing Senior Living

Jun 19, 2020 | Amenities, Senior Living

When choosing a senior living community, your list of preferences and wants may be rather large – and it should be, after all, you’re choosing a lifestyle that you can enjoy both now and for years to come. However, this doesn’t mean you should find what you’re looking for and give up your search, says Deborah Strickland, Director of Sales at The Village at Gainesville, a senior living rental community that offers independent living, assisted living and memory support. “When choosing a senior living community to enjoy, you should be able to check your most-wanted items off your list while gaining some of the top amenities and services that you may not have previously thought of,” she states. “This ensures that you will have access to everything you want and more throughout your retirement.”

While this list may look different for everyone, it can help to have a starting point that can help you evaluate if you’re getting the absolute most for your money and lifestyle. Here are a few tips for ensuring you’re choosing the best senior living community for you and your wants:

  • Make a list of what is most important to you. If you’re focused on lifestyle, make sure it can stack up. If you want the best care possible, evaluate that.
  • Consider your future needs. Make sure the community you choose can meet every need you’ll have in the future. This can prevent you from choosing a community you love only to have to move later down the road because they don’t offer the care you desire.
  • Visit or talk to the residents and team often before choosing. You can get a better feel for the community by visiting, taking virtual tours, talking to current residents as well as their families, and talking to various team members. This can help you to ensure you know all the ins and outs of a community.
  • Evaluate based on top amenities. Many residents have chosen a particular community based on the amenities the community offers. When making your decision, consider some of the amenities below!

Top Amenities to Consider When Choosing a Senior Living Community

  1. Wellness Opportunities. Living a healthy lifestyle starts with wellness. At senior living communities, many people have a greater opportunity to enhance their health and wellness, keeping them independent for longer. This is often because some senior living communities provide wellness centers, health and fitness area with fitness coordinators, walk-in clinics and more. If health is a main priority of yours, be sure to choose a community with these capabilities.
  • Delicious Dining. When choosing a senior living community, it’s important for the dining plans and food not to be overlooked – it’s one of the top amenities that seniors should consider. Choose a community with an array of dining venue options – from fine-dining and café style to a full-service lounge – with flexible dining plans and a variety of menu options to meet your tastes, needs and preferences.

  • Security, Maintenance & Housekeeping. Who wants to take their time taking care of or worrying about the tasks of daily life? If you’re like many seniors, you are searching for a community where you don’t need to think about anything! When searching for a senior living community, search for one that offers housekeeping at least twice a month, scheduled transportation to take you where you need to go, 24-hour security, maintenance and more!
  • Opportunities to Be Pampered. Many seniors don’t often think about haircuts, spa days or special treatment, but it’s one of the best things about senior living communities! Find a community that offers relaxing programs like yoga or tai chi, has a salon and beautician, a barbershop and more. They can not only help you feel your best but look your best as well!

  • Enriching Programming. Senior living communities come with a host of engaging programming. From full calendars of planned activities, community and game rooms to clubs, outdoor recreation, reading spaces and computer centers – there is something for everyone! Even better, the enriching lifestyle often goes beyond your door and into the surrounding community. From outings to the theater, shopping, lifelong learning opportunities and more, it’s easy to stay connected and engaged if you choose the right community!

These are only a few of the top amenities seniors look for when choosing a senior living community – and The Village at Gainesville offers them all! If you’d like to learn more about what we offer, as well as discover some additional amenities we offer, contact our team today! We would be happy to help you find the perfect lifestyle for you.

If you want the very best for your parent or loved one, consider The Village at Gainesville, a senior living rental community that offers independent living, assisted living and memory support. Contact us online or call us at 352-548-3507 to learn more about our variety of residential options.