The Village App: Highlighting All there is to Do on Campus

May 8, 2019 | Amenities, Community News

Wondering when the next exercise class is? Curious about tonight’s dinner menu? New to the community and not sure where something is? Looking to join a group, but want to review some options first? Out with friends and need to verify when you need to be back to catch evening’s special meal or entertainment? If so, download The Village App!

This app, which is available for free for both iPhone and Android devices, is filled with the answers to all of those questions and more. With The Village App, dining menus, daily activity schedules, fitness opportunities, transportation schedules, health services and local news are all in the palm of your hand. No need to check your email or print a calendar. The app makes it easy and convenient to get the information you need – anytime, anywhere.

Daily activities

The Village App of Gainesville features an exhaustive schedule of daily activities so you can plan your day, week or month. You can even search for activities that happen only in the morning or only in the afternoon. Once you select a day and time in the app, you’ll find the full list of planned activities and events. For each event, the app will display:

  • When the event takes place
  • Where the event takes place
  • If you need to register in advance for the event

While browsing the app, you’ll find that activities at The Village at Gainesville range from shopping trips and musical entertainment, to games, exercise classes and craft groups. Whether you’re looking for something you already like to do, or if you’re looking to explore something new, you can find it in the daily activities section of the app.

Fitness opportunities

The Village App also contains a section exclusively for fitness opportunities – which is convenient whether you’d like to avoid or dive into this section. Within the fitness section of the app, you’ll find descriptions of each fitness class offered at The Village – like pickleball, bocce ball, tai chi and Pilates – as well as the location and timing. For those who prefer exercising in nature, the fitness section also contains walking maps, which displays several walking routes and their specific distances around our 104-acre campus.

Community services

If you’re looking for more information on transportation or health services available, the app can also help with that.

The transportation section shows you The Village’s transportation schedules, and it provides rates for the local shuttle services. It also allows you to request transportation without leaving the app.

The health services section provides the Vitality Clinic’s hours of operation, the Vitality Program’s explanation of services and detailed information about the program.

Other helpful information

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg! The Village App also contains a plethora of other helpful information, like the weather forecast to help you plan your days, local Gainesville news, a TV channel guide and a directory of helpful links and phone numbers.

It also has information specifically about The Village at Gainesville, including maps, key addresses, community organizational charts and more. Perhaps one of the most engaging sections of the app, however, is the user-created content. You can read blog postings and monthly neighborhood-focused newsletters on the app. The Village App is a convenient way for community residents, staff and guests to get all the information they need, plan their days and request important services in one convenient place. For more information about how at The Village at Gainesville is setting the bar higher, give us a call at 352-548-3507, or reach out to us online by clicking here.