Adult Children: How To Talk To Parents About Moving To A More Supportive Environment

Dec 5, 2017 | Assisted Living, Senior Living

As an adult child, it can be difficult to look at your parents and offer them advice. Reversing the parent-to-child role and offering assisted living as the “next-step” may be more difficult than you had anticipated. Here are a few suggestions to make the conversation a little easier.


Ask Questions About Your Parent’s Lifestyle


Take an interest in your parents’ current “way of life.” Ask about activities they enjoy, the friends they like to spend time with, and if their everyday responsibilities are becoming more difficult with age.

Asking questions and starting a conversation with your parents will allow them to feel heard.

If the conversation allows, respond to their concerns with how a senior living community could help. Do not force the subject, but make the connection casually.

Example conversation:

  • Parent: “I really enjoy playing bocce ball on the weekends, but I’m always the oldest person on the team.”
  • Adult child: “I hear The Village at Gainesville just started a new bocce club that practices during the week and plays in tournaments with other seniors on the weekends.”
  • Parent: “Wow! I wouldn’t mind getting involved in something like that.”

Organically mentioning the benefits of senior living as it relates to their current lifestyle may help your parents be less defensive when you offer it as a recommendation.


Be Sensitive to Your Family’s to Emotions


Be understanding of your parents’ reaction, whether it is positive or negative. It’s possible they have been considering a move to assisted living for a while, but have not felt comfortable discussing the topic. They may also be completely taken off-guard and get upset.

Allow your parents to share their feelings without judgment. Listen to their concerns and offer support if they are upset. Remind them that assisted living isn’t taking away their independence, but will allow them to live their lives more fully.

At The Village of Gainesville, we are committed to providing support in assisted living while allowing our residents to remain as independent as possible.


Have Regular Talks About Moving


It will take more than one conversation to encourage your parents that a move to assisted living is the right decision.

Keep the channels of communication open and let your parents come to you with questions. Try your best not to force the subject. As long as it’s possible, you want them to make this decision on their own.

Help normalize senior living. Share examples of friends or families you know who have moved to an assisted living community. If you do not know of anyone moving to assisted living, consider sharing the video testimonials from our residents.


Do Your Research on Senior Living Communities


While you’re waiting for your parents to come to their own conclusion, start your research! As soon as they give the green light, you’ll want to be ready to offer them your educated recommendation on the best community for them.

If your parents have specific health needs or concerns, reach out to the community directly and speak with a member of the skilled nursing team. Associates at The Village at Gainesville are eager to explain our comprehensive approach to health services and the customizable ways they can meet the needs of your parents.

The conversation about assisted living may be difficult, but The Village at Gainesville is here to help, every step of the way.