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Get Connected to Knowledge with MyHealthTeam

Feb 10, 2021 | Amenities, Community News

“When you are diagnosed with a chronic condition, you want one thing: information,” says Wayne Vinson, Sales Leader at The Village at Gainesville. “Our staff is dedicated to helping our residents get the information they need quickly and efficiently. Thanks to our new partnership with MyHealthTeam, residents will be able to find the people, support and information needed to better understand and manage their health.”

This new resource, which is free for The Village at Gainesville residents, creates social networks for communities of people facing a variety of chronic conditions, including conditions that commonly affect seniors such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, Parkinson’s disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, osteoporosis, heart disease, diabetes and more.

“When people who are facing the same condition can connect and learn from each other, ask questions, get doctor recommendations, share tips and just have someone to talk to who truly understands, health outcomes improve,” says Wayne. “With the help of MyHealthTeam, we’ve made it easy for residents to find and connect with people who understand what they’re going through.”

MyHealthTeam is the largest and fastest-growing resource for helping people gain knowledge and connection with others like themselves about chronic health issues. MyHealthTeam offers 40 social networks made up of over 2.5 million members in 13 countries, and more networks are currently in the works.

How does it work? It’s simple. Just sign up, find a network focused on your health issue and start connecting.

“When you’re diagnosed with a chronic disease, it’s easy to feel like you’re alone and you’re starting from scratch when it comes to your health, but that’s simply not the case,” says Wayne. “There are thousands, if not millions, of people out there who know exactly what you’re feeling and who are there to help support you, give you advice and be a resource.”

The social networks on MyHealthTeam are condition-specific and password-protected, meaning security for the members of that network. Users will discover helpful articles, video Q&As with doctors, information about topics your specialist might not bring up, engagement programs and more.

“As telehealth and telemedicine become the norm rather than the exception, it’s not a surprise that support and knowledge will move to online social channels,” says Wayne. “This is particularly helpful during the age of COVID-19, when we are more socially isolated than ever. Social networks from MyHealthTeam allow individuals to get information about their condition and the support they need to know that they’re not alone.”

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