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The Value of Our Approach to Assisted Living

May 14, 2019 | Assisted Living

If you’re searching for assisted living services for your loved one, you’ve likely noticed two things: there are many options for assisted living, and not all of them are created equal. Assisted living providers can offer significantly different lifestyles, which can depend on the care and services provided, expertise of the staff, quality of the programming and more. At The Village at Gainesville, we pride ourselves on what sets us apart from other communities — our expert staff, personalized care approach, tailored service offerings and specialized programming.

The Village at Gainesville brings a unique approach to assisted living, and an impressive value.

Who can benefit from assisted living services at The Village?

Individuals with a wide range of daily needs can benefit from assisted living services at The Village at Gainesville, thanks to our unique approach to care. People who want just a little bit of daily assistance, like reminders about medicine, and those who want help with more of their daily activities, like bathing and dressing, and even individuals who require specialized memory support can all benefit from assisted living services provided at The Village.

What is different about The Village at Gainesville’s approach to assisted living?

Our assisted living philosophy focuses on personalized care, relationship building and purposeful engagement.

“Our goal is to help residents maintain as much independence as possible. Some people need very little support, and may just need medication oversight or reminders, while there are other people who need additional support, like help with getting out of bed, bathing or dressing. The nice thing about assisted living is that we’re there to do as much as you want us to do, or as little as you need us to do,” said Kimberly Giberti, RN, BSN, Director of Health Services at The Village at Gainesville.

Kim has been with The Village for over six years and has been a registered nurse for more than 25 years. She was originally hired at The Village as an assisted living manager and oversaw the Jasmine Pointe neighborhood. Four years later, Kim was promoted to director of health services, and now oversees the managers in each assisted living neighborhood.

What kind of staff does The Village at Gainesville have in its assisted living neighborhoods?

Another defining characteristic of The Village’s assisted living is the level of staffing available around the clock.

“We only hire CNAs and licensed nurses,” says Kim. “We have 24/7 care, which means there are multiple nurses in each assisted living community throughout the day, including the day shift nurse, evening shift nurse and the neighborhood manager. Although much of what we do isn’t medical, we have the experience and the expertise that you won’t find anywhere else.”

The licensed nurses at The Village practice what is known as “purposeful rounding,” which means they visit with each resident at least every few hours.

“We are proactive and purposeful, ensuring that they have the support they need at that time,” says Kim. “We make sure they can get to things they need, making sure they’re drinking water, asking about toilet needs and making sure they’re safe. CNAs also provide assistance to and from the dining room and to activities.”

A sense of community within The Village at Gainesville

Staff members at The Village place high importance on relationship building and consistency in care. Nurses are assigned to specific neighborhoods, which creates an opportunity for staff and residents to create strong, lasting relationships. Staff members learn about residents’ preferences and needs, and they create a consistent care environment, adding an additional layer of comfort and familiarity.

“One of my favorite parts about my job is being part of the residents’ family,” said Kim. “We often work with families that transition from independent living through assisted living and memory care, and we develop and build relationships with them. I love being able to help families and be part of the solution. This is a journey not many are familiar with, and this is what we do every day. To be the expert and to help guide them through is a pretty special job.”

Each assisted living neighborhood has an activities coordinator that creates neighborhood-specific programming, with a special focus on wellness and relationship building. Activities include holiday and birthday celebrations, trivia, exercise classes, puzzles and word games, town excursions, spiritual discussions, dancing, musical entertainment and more. Because the activities are neighborhood specific, they can be tailored to the preferences of the residents in that neighborhood.

When you combine the neighborhood focus, the consistent and skilled staff, and our focus on personalized care, purposeful engagement and relationship building, you end up with assisted living that’s different. We think you’ll like it, but the best way to experience the difference The Village can make for your family is to schedule a visit. For more information on assisted living at The Village at Gainesville, give us a call at 352-548-3507, or visit us online to request a tour or free information kit. We can’t wait to hear from you!