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Others-Julanne’s Jewels

May 5, 2018 | News, Senior Living


This morning I read a very powerful essay on trying (very often we don’t) to PLEASE OTHERS. I know that it is kind, considerate and very admirable to do for OTHERS. This almost goes without saying or reminding ourselves of the virtues of OTHERS.

For just a moment, I would ask you to think of YOURSELF, perhaps as an OTHER in terms of kindness. We have indeed been raised and influenced by OTHERS to put ourselves last, no where and in no time more so than during the holiday season. I went into 2 stores yesterday for something and had to turn around and get out of there!

I understand things like TRADITION and being GENEROUS and that is all well and good as long as we are GENEROUS with ourselves as well; Generous in terms of time, pressure, meaning, beauty, luxury, money and kindness.

My feeling is to be AWARE of what is going on, with ourselves, with OTHERS, the world and allow the goodness of who we are to come forth. The world is not going to stop any time soon, but do we have to get all caught up in the craziness? I say no, we don’t. We can decide how we want to give to OTHERS and choose our ways of giving, both to ourselves and OTHERS.

Since I have moved to the Village, I’m aware of the activities they have for everyone. There is a very clear feeling of providing pleasant programs for us here. There is always the freedom to participate or not. I love that. No one is checking in or asking questions. It is so relaxed and easy here in all ways, really.

Often I can tell how people are feeling by the expression on their faces. I notice many people here look sad and distant, like reviewing memories of past holiday seasons. I do my best to at least smile and bless them on their way.