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Our Residents Explain What it Means to “Engage at Every Age”

May 3, 2018 | Senior Living

May is Older Americans Month. This year’s theme, “Engage at Every Age,” reminds us that we are never too old, or young to the find activities and a home which empower us to live our best life.

In celebration of the month, we asked a few of our residents’ what it means to engage at every age:

Security and community. “Before moving to The Village, I was beginning to feel lonely and I didn’t like it,” says Julanne Weisberg. “Now, I have the chance to make new friends and I feel comforted in knowing I have a new community of support.”

Opportunities to get involved. According to Ben Dyal, leaving home-maintenace behind was one of his best decisions! He now has the time to get involved, build friendships and participate in new activities. “I saw retirement as me in a rocking chair with a book,” says Ben. “There’s no rocking chair and where’s the book? With so much to do my expectations for retirement have changed for the better.”

Freedom. “I enjoyed woodworking before moving to The Village,” says Dan Schmidt. “The on-campus woodshop gives me the space and tools I need to continue my craft.”

Continued learning. “The ability to take classes and try new experiences like yoga and chess lessons has been exciting,” says Ellen Schmidt. She also enjoys the convenience of attending art performances at The Phillips Center at the University of Florida and SantaFe College.

New experiences. Walt Visniski is a member of the Travel Club at The Village. “We go on cruises annually,” says Walt. “The trips are really popular, usually with 40 residents in the group. It’s a great chance to make new friends.”

The Village at Gainesville prides itself on providing activities to keep everyone engaged in hobbies they love. Monthly activity calendars give our residents opportunities to get involved and the flexibility to add as little or as much to their schedule as they like.

Our Vitality Program, travel club, continued learning classes and resident socials are only a few of the incredibly diverse opportunities for our residents to Engage at Every Age.