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Adjusting – Julanne’s Jewels

Apr 9, 2018 | Uncategorized

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Greetings from my new home and new life! I am amazed at how quickly I am ADJUSTING to my new haven. It is wonderful! I have nestled all my belongings in the most convenient places (a few more re-arrangements to be made) and it is all so simple. Walking from my kitchen to my bedroom is now about 15-20 steps, my bathroom about 12 steps. I have kept choice belongings and am still weeding out stuff for Hospice Attic, my favorite thrift store. So easy.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my apartment and all the convenience and beauty it provides. Looking out my two windows is pure delight. This time of year the light and the shadows are marvelous. Yesterday, I sat on a bench by the lake and my apartment and sketched the lake. The spring colors and reflections off the water are ever so soft and warm. I intend to take a drawing and art class, hopefully this week.

Once or twice a day I walk around the lake and watch the ducks and the egrets saunter around. They are ‘friendly’ in the sense that they do not scamper away when anyone walks by. They race to any corn that comes from the duck feeder machine, but it is usually low or empty from residents feeling them in abundance. Yesterday, several hovered around me hoping for a hand out. Alas, I had none so they quietly slipped away to another area. Who knew I could get so much pleasure from ducks?

I am meeting residents here and there. The other day I talked with a woman whom I actually met before. We chatted and she said she was 97 years old. She was amazing. No cane, walking stick or walker. She walked very upright and claimed it was from just walking unassisted.

I am blessed and amazed with my sense of well-being, safety and peace of mind!

Anywhere I go, whatever I do, I feel there are those around me who would come to my aid. Everyone who works here, in particular, is most kind and helpful. The residents are nice as well, some more friendly than others but that is for a myriad of reasons. Nothing to take personally. I might add that being around older people is relieving. No one judges another, we are all on the level of compassion and understanding with each other. I keep receiving and experiencing so many dynamics that are clearly here for me to learn. I now am completely comfortable eating alone in the dining room. Several people do that and it is fine either way with me, with company or just me. I always used to admire people who would go out to eat alone. I always used to feel self conscious.

I love being able to choose when I go to meals. I’m starting to go to breakfast sometimes, then lunch or dinner. Today is bingo at 1:30 down two hallways, near the dining room. I’m so grateful for the variety of activities and the convenience of them all. I intend to participate more and more. Such an adventure for me! Choosing when and where and what.