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From Our Own Resident – Julanne’s Jewels

Apr 5, 2018 | Senior Living


Ahhhhh! At last I have just unpacked my last box! I am HOME! It feels wonderful! As I’m writing you, I’m sitting on my bed overlooking the Lake( a large pond really) with a huge water fountain spraying into the air with a rainbow at the base. The sun is shining right on the spot and is it beautiful! It is my ‘good morning, Julanne, all is well! ‘ Huge oak trees dripping with silvery Spanish Moss and a few pine trees are scattered around the lake. There is a walk way all around the lake that is so pleasant. The treat is the black and black and white ducks that frolic around. There are 12 or so that waddle about saying hello and hoping for some corn that is in a dispenser for us to use to feed them.

Occasionally there are egrets flying in and out. It is all so entertaining. Every few yards there are benches so I can sit and just enjoy the simplest of nature.

My experience coming here is wonderful, on all levels. I love my apartment! I brought only my choice belongings and so far it looks very cozy and comfortable. Family and friends moved me and have helped me settle in. I so appreciate everyone who has supported me in various ways. I couldn’t have done this move without you.

I’m becoming acquainted with the Lake House and the grounds, which are beautiful. The Village is 30 years old so it is very established and convenient. The food is excellent, with a large assortment to choose from. I haven’t made it to breakfast yet but usually go to lunch or dinner most days. Everyone working here treats us all with such kindness and courtesy, always cheerful, patient and knowledgeable.

There are many activities to choose from but so far I have been driven to ‘settle in’. I look forward to going to some very soon. The residents are very warm and welcoming. I have met several people.  I met a woman on the first day who is a delight. We have become friends, speak the same language and enjoy much of the same things.

My apartment is like new. There is a huge window in the bedroom and living room, over looking the lake and a very large lawn with lovely shrubs growing around it. The pool and the dining room are at the end of the lawn. A friend who helped move said,” Julanne, look at this lawn, and you don’t have to mow it!” It made me realize how blessed I am with this beauty and I don’t have to take care of it! I was able to bring a few outdoor plants here, placed right outside my window to enjoy.  In February there is a chance I can use a raised bed in the garden.

Now this is amazing! I’m not even missing my home and my garden! I thought I would be reminiscing about all the joy I felt there. I seem to have been blessed with being in the right place at the right time and loving where I am! I’ve been practicing that for a long time and it certainly has paid off.

I’m feeling like I have just finished a marathon, packing, moving and unpacking, arranging, rearranging and basking in the goodness of it all.

I’m beginning to feel I can now enjoy it all. It is a natural reaction to completing some large endeavor. It is so quiet here, very few people out and about at least where I am situated. It is truly an adventure, something new to discover every day, new people to meet, new flavors to savor, new ‘trails’ to follow. I am happy and very blessed and I am in gratitude for it all.


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