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Village associate Andrae Ware has article published

Dec 21, 2016 | News

Roles and Reminiscing Without Words 

Using Rhythm and Ritual

by Andrae Ware, PAC Independent Certified Engagement Leader  

Since the beginning of time a woman’s role has always been uniquely defined. Some say nurturer, mother, daughter, wife, leader, and the list goes on. So how does this relate to a dementia setting?

Is a female role model the epitome of being a woman today? Society may define it by the level of education, social status, or the amount of success. In a dementia setting I’ve seen this translate into several different things. The well educated becomes the educator, the well cultured becomes the socialite, and the mother becomes the kind lady next door. The roles beg the question, I am who I was but I’m a little different now, so how do we tap into that without using words, instead using rhythm and ritual?

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