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Need answers to your questions?
You’ve come to the right place.

There are all kinds of retirement living options out there these days – and that’s a good thing. Everyone likes choices. And even better, everyone likes making good choices.

So to help you make the best retirement living choice, we’ve got answers to some questions we frequently hear. And if you have a question you don’t see answered here, feel free to contact us.

What do I pay upfront?
You pay only your affordable, all-inclusive monthly rent on your home plus a small processing fee. And when we say all-inclusive, we mean you enjoy access to every service and amenity our community has to offer. And we have an impressive assortment of residence options from which to choose, so you’ll easily find one to fit your budget. We’ll never require you to pay a large fee upfront or lock you into a lifetime commitment. Ever.
Can I live independently at The Village?
Absolutely. In fact, our main focus is to help you live healthier, happier, for longer. So if you move to The Village, you’ll quickly discover you can be as active, social and engaged as you wish. You make your own decisions about how you live each day – we’re just here to make sure you have plenty of options, including social events, recreational activities, cultural excursions and other opportunities. What you choose to do with them? Completely up to you.
Do you have many amenities?
If by “many” you really mean “enough to keep me busy, happy and active,” then yes! Our 104-acre campus offers a wealth of amenities inside and out. Outside you’ll find walking trails and gardens, tennis and bocce courts, two heated pools and a hot tub, and more. Inside are three dining venues to please every palate, a fitness center, lounge, library, card room, beauty salon/barbershop, and then some. And every month we feature a calendar chock-full of events covering a variety of educational, social and spiritual interests. You can enjoy as much of this whenever you like – it’s all included in your monthly fee.
Do you have opportunities for me to stay active and healthy?
We do – it’s called our Vitality Program. Our vitality coordinator works one-on-one with you, assessing your overall health and activity level. You then receive a personalized plan to help you meet your individual health goals through diet and exercise suggestions. It’s all completely customized to you.
Is The Village affordable?
Yes, we are. First, we’re a rental retirement community, which means we don’t require you to pay large fees upfront or lock you into lifetime commitments (see our very first question for specifics). Second, we pride ourselves on offering homes to fit all kinds of budgets and lifestyles. From our Lake House efficiency apartments to our spacious cottage homes, you’ll find a home that meets your budget and exceeds your expectations. And we’re happy to help find the one that fits you best.
But what if I need a little extra help at some point?
If you’re in independent living and you find yourself needing assistance, we can help in a number of ways. Our Vitality Program can help you maintain your health and vitality by providing you with extra support services. That includes daily check-ins, comprehensive wellness assessments, and access to a full-time vitality coordinator who can help organize the coordination of medical care. And if your health changes, on our campus we offer assisted living in Jasmine Pointe and Rose Court, and memory support in Azalea Trace and Ivy Lane. Residents still enjoy access to many of our services and amenities, while receiving the extra care and attention they need. If you like what you’ve been reading so far, we’d be happy to tell you much more. Just get in touch with us today. We can set up a tour of our campus, or we can just start a conversation.